Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Send your Teddy to Paris

You know we take Tintin everywhere we go. He's seen the world through our travels and that of our fans. Well, in addition to his own adventures of course. Now, you can send your Teddy abroad when you can't go yourself. (via)

"Here's how it works: you send Lamby, Kissy, Teddy or your stuffed animal of choice to Denis Gerber and he'll escort it around the City of Light, snap photos of it at the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre and other landmarks and return it to you with a digital photo album chronicling its adventures. For an extra $70 or so, Teddy can take one of four extension tours, exploring chic Paris or the parts of the city featured in The Da Vinci Code. "We've decided to offer the opportunity to visit this beautiful city to furry toys across the globe, and make sure their owners enjoy it (almost) as much as the furry darlings will," says the Furry Toys Tours website."

One question: Does the tour guide wear a Bear suit to make your little one feel comfortable?

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