Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrate Asterix's 50th Birthday

October 29 marks the 50th birthday of Astérix. We at Wündertime are going to celebrate with a one day sale of 15% off all Astérix merchandise. We are still working hard to get the site up and running in time. In case we don’t, the sale will occur at our parent site:

More details to follow.

Seduction Tips from The Little Prince has an article on love and seduction, and bizarrely uses a quote from The Little Prince as a springboard on how to "seduce your man."
One of my favorite quotes about love comes from the book The Little Prince: "It's only with the heart that one can see rightly; what's most important is invisible to the eye."

Nothing wrong so far. In fact, that is a great quote. But wait.
I love that the Little Prince recognized that the heart (another metaphysical word for soul) is the best lens for love—making this Little Prince a major Prince Charming.

OK. "lens for love" is a little cheesy, as is "prince charming". We love the Little Prince, but I don't think anyone would call that celestial little boy a "Prince Charming." In fact, he got a little weird from time to time.
All of this brings me to…seduction tips for your man.

Wait. What?

The use of the quotes got really creepy really fast. Oddly, the author never again refers to the Little Prince. Perhaps she realized that using an image of a child (albeit a fictional one) to discuss adult seduction was inappropriate?? YOW!

The Little Prince Goes CGI

According to online news sources, French distributor PGS Entertainment has licensed a series based on classic children's novel The Little Prince to broadcasters in Europe and Australia. No word yet on the American market.

The new series has been snapped up by broadcasters including France 3, WDR (Germany), Rai (Italy), TV2 (Denmark), TV2 (Norway), ABC (Australia), MTV3 (Finland) and TSR (Switzerland).

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book has been translated into 220 languages and has sold 134 million copies worldwide. And now it is currently in production as a 52x30' high-definition CGI series in a collaboration between Method Animation, the Saint Exupéry estate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, La Fabrique d'Images, DQ Entertainment, ARD and Rai Fiction. PGS is handling worldwide distribution, excluding Asia (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) and the SAARC region (DQ Entertainment).

What does this mean for the US? Not sure yet, but we will keep our ears open and let you know as soon as we do.