Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Little Prince in Creole

It's fitting that I've just gotten back from a Caribbean trip, since I've just discovered the The Little Prince is now available in Creole. According to the blog Repeating Islands, the publisher of previous Creole editions of Tintin, Asterix, and other favorites has now moved on to The Little Prince.

"Continuing its work to open a space for Creole expression, Caraïbéditions has recently (September 2010) published Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince [The Little Prince] in several Creole editions. The editions for different regions were translated by various specialists: in Guadeloupean Creole, Tiprens-la (Robert Chilin); in Martinican Creole, Ti-Prens lan (Marie-José Saint-Louis), for Réunion, Lo Pti Prins (Jocelin Lakia); and for French Guiana Tiprens-a (Aude Désiré). Editor Florent Charbonnier says that this is the first time that such a work is published simultaneously in the Creole of the four Overseas Departments." (via)

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