Monday, October 18, 2010

The Little Prince wants to serve you Korean Food

Who knew that The Little Prince and Korean food went so well together? Clearly, the folks behind The Little Prince Kids Cafe, in Buena Park, California.

According to Koko Living, "The Little Prince Kids Cafe in Buena Park, CA has been making moms and kids shout of joy. There are playhouses popping up everywhere, but to find one that serves Korean food - friendly for kids and a playhouse full of great kid sitting service and activities! Wow! I wish I had a magic wand to make the Little Prince Kids Cafe as popular as Starbucks worldwide..."

Personally, I think this dining room looks fantastic. Comfy, but not cloyingly kiddish.

Koko Living also had a review by a real live expert, a mom who'd taken her little one there:

"Little Prince Kids Cafe in Buena Park was really cute and clean. They had plenty of workers on hand to care for the children. They have a mini jungle gym, ball bit, dress up area, infant area, and library inside. They also provide craft time and private lockers for your shoes. Its $8 for 2 hours, which includes one juice box for the kids. For the adults, admission is free as long as you order from the menu. It is a bit pricey since you have a time limit and a glass of iced coffee runs about $5 (and each additional 30 minutes you stay is $2). But because there are no other kids cafes near us, its a small price we have to pay. Overall, I'd give this place a 4 out of 5." Okay, so she doesn't mention the enormous Little Prince, but that's okay. When my son was little, I would have been all over this place, Giant Little Prince or not.

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