Thursday, August 19, 2010

Asterix or Tintin-Pick one Please

But it's probably impossible. Look at all of the trouble these folks are having as they debate the merits of one versus the other... (via) Where do you all come down on the question: What do prefer- Asterix & Obelix OR Tintin?

"Tin Tin if it was for a discussion, Asterix and Obleix for a fight" "Screw Tin tin. Mead swilling, boar eatin, rock throwing, awesome beardin Gauls FTW!" "Damn this is actually a lot tougher then I would have expected...... Tintin takes it though... but only just."

"A&O never heard of the other one sry." Never heard of Tintin? Really?

Okay, let me just make clear that I have NOTHING to do with the typos here.

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