Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you see The Little Prince when you look at your walls?

From artist Alix Soubiran, The Little Prince collection of wallpapers.

"Soubiran is an artist and storyteller, who credits her grandfather, a celebrated French author and recipient of the Theophraste Renaudot literary prize in 1943 for her passion for storytelling and fascination with stunning wall decor. Her book-filled grandfather's house in the 16th arrondissement in Paris inspired her fanciful designs. She has created a line of paper accessories, 19th century style butterflies meant to be positioned and stuck to the walls according to your fancy, as well as wallpapers that are manufactured and produced in the Los Angeles area.

Her latest designs use the beloved tale of "The Little Prince" as inspiration. Taking fanciful look at the fable, the line features deep sea creatures, imaginary birds and unicorns in space. The paper is designed for children's rooms but is more whimsical and classical than cute. Sea Ballet, shown above, was inspired by prehistoric-looking sea creatures and has a little of the feel of a botanical illustration." (via)

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